Children In Need Activities

For children in need, this week in buttercups we have enjoyed investigating a yellow themed tuff tray!

We also made yellow play dough and made it spotty with pom-poms, where we used our fine motor skills to pinch them and squeeze them! 😁

We have also been creative and made some fabulous spotty pictures which allowed us to practice our colour recognition 😄 We even decorated cakes and biscuits with yellow icing and sprinkles! 😋💛

This week the tulips have had a great week raising money for children in need. We have been developing are understanding of maths as we count the spots on pudseys eye patch and learning about sizes as we looked at big and little coloured circles in the sand.

We also have been learning about road safety from the road tuff tray that we made. We extended this activity out into the garden where we used chalk to draw a road on the ground. We then used a range of bikes to travel on our road learning to stop at the red light and that green means go!! 🔴🟢

Nurture, Develop, Grow.