We lay the foundations for your child to reach the key developmental learning goals following the curriculum, all in preparation for the significant milestone in their life and getting ready for school.

We have in place a planning procedure that is tailored to your child’s individual developmental needs to ensure your child is receiving the most effective education for them.

At this age, children are more vocal in sharing their thoughts, ideas, and interests which we implement in our planning, standing by our principle which is that every child is at the heart of everything we do.

Our classrooms have been developed to maintain a highly enriched space to learn. Natural resources provide children with the fantastic opportunity of getting an understanding of materials and the world around them...

All early years practitioners get an understanding of the children’s development in order to provide fun,  and appropriate learning opportunities when planning for activities and the environment. Our exciting and enriched learning classrooms allows all children to learn and develop during play.

We ensure that we have key worker group time, as its a great learning opportunity for children to work towards their next development steps as well as beginning to develop important key skills that they will need when starting school,  such as listening and paying attention, waiting turns and building on their confidence. 

Are early years practitioners are continually developing on their practice and knowledge through appropriate training courses to continue our standards of high quality care and education for children and their families.