Starting With Us

Starting nursery is a huge milestone in your child’s life as well as yours, therefore it is key that we make this important experience as enjoyable and exciting  for your child and yourself…

When looking for childcare we believe it is important that you get a feel for the nursery before signing up, therefore we offer free stay and play sessions. This gives you the opportunity to meet the staff team, participate in some of our activities with your child and see how your child integrates into the nursery environment.

 We believe the key to this is having a smooth transition from home to nursery. Before your child starts nursery, it is important that you book them in for settling in sessions. 

These sessions will vary in time and how many are needed, all depending on how well your child settles into the setting. We assign your child a key worker depending on whom your child settles the best with in order to give them the best start at nursery.

Parent Partnerships

When parents and early years educators work together in early years settings, the results have a positive impact on children’s development and learning. We recognize the importance of creating a strong parent partnership with you and take many steps to maintain this.

As a care provider you are your child’s first educators and we greatly value any input, opinions, and information you can share with us about your child’s learning and progress. To facilitate this, we encourage parents to complete activities at home set by the nursery and share feedback on our online learning journey system: Tapestry.

To support this, we also produce a ‘Learning Journey’ that records your child’s learning and achievements during their time with us at nursery. These are always available for you to look through on Tapestry our online learning journeys. We also encourage you to contribute to these by making small observations at home and placing them on Tapestry.

We provide many other opportunities for parents and carers to take an active part in their children’s education...

Every 8 weeks we devise 8 developmental targets we are working towards with your child. We share these with you so you are able to see what your child is working on and ask if there is anything you can do to help with their targets at home. Every term you will be given an assessment tracker that will show where your child is at in their development. You will also be given a detailed report twice a year and twice a year we will have a parents evening where you can discuss and chat with your child’s key worker. 

We also have ‘WOW cards’ which you can ask any member of staff for. When your child brings it back into nursery, we will celebrate his/her achievements with the rest of the children. This includes things such as, if you have heard your child counting to 10, if they can write their name, have achieved a sports medal or reward or they can ride their bike.

We work hard to build positive working relationships with all our parents and carers, and regularly invite our families to participate in nursery activities and events. 

We value all feedback to continually improve our services and all our policies are available to parents and carers to view at any time.

Most importantly our family ethos is central so we operate an ‘Open-Door Policy’ where parents are encouraged to meet with staff to discuss any questions or concerns at the earliest opportunity.