Tapestry is one of the many ways we maintain strong partnerships with all of our parents, careers and family members…

Tapestry is an online tracking and observation system that we use to monitor and record your child’s learning experiences through capturing their ‘wow’ moments and photographs. Tapestry is also used to communicate weekly learning opportunities your child will experience that week in the setting, and all nursery news.

When you start with us, you will be sent an email activation link from us that you need to click and complete in order to set up your Tapestry account. You will then be able to access your child’s online learning journal. You can also add more relatives if you like so that all the family can view your child’s journal online. You can upload home observations and pictures which will provide a holistic view of your child’s achievements which we strongly encourage.

 Your child’s key worker will regularly upload observations and activities that your child has enjoyed and link them to our curriculum and their developmental next steps to track progress in all areas of their learning.