Remembrance Week

Honouring people and talking about our families.

In Buttercups this week will are going to be exploring lots of sensory play exploring red and black messy play such as jelly and spaghetti.

We will be searching for poppies in the sand and creating our own poppy pictures.In Tulips this week we have lots of exciting activities planned. Our core book this week is ‘There’s a hole at the bottom of the sea linking with this we will be exploring the sea creatures in the water and talking about the sea creatures from the book. We will also be exploring our sea creature tuff tray and try to retell phrases from the story. We are going to be getting messy to create our own poppies talking about the colours and looking at other objects that have the same colour. We will be going on local walks to Ashton garden to visit the cenotaph.

In Poppies we will be talking about how we can honour people and that remembrance day is a way of honouring people. We will be creating our own poppies and talking about why poppies are used as a form of remembrance. We will be creating poppies in our malleable play (playdough). We are continuing our core book Goldilocks and the three bears, we are going to be acting out the story in our role play area and using characters and props to retell the story in our construction area, we will also be practising forming our pencil grips as we attempt to draw pictures of goldilocks. We are also going to be going on a local walk to visit the cenotaph. We will be developing our fine motor skills in our funky fingers using tweezers to put poppy seeds onto our poppies whilst also encouraging our learning of maths as we count out the poppy seeds.

Nurture, Develop, Grow.