Halloween weekly Activities

18th October 2021

👻🎃 Another fun filled week has been set up for our Busy Bears children this week, all based around Halloween and we can’t wait! Each room have set the activities based around the interest of the children and included the twist of Halloween into each one of them.It is always great to teach children about events happening around the world and getting ourselves involved and putting our stamp onto it. 🎃👻

This week Babies will be pumpkin printing, using apples that we cut in half. We also set up a Halloween pumpkin patch that includes sensory items for them to explore, including sensory bottles, different smells, hay and pumpkins. This just opens up the babies to explore different materials and feel textures. 🎃🍏

This week Tweenies have a focus book which is ‘There’s a monster in our book.’ A book with different sounds and a great book to introduce children to these new sounds. We will be using different musical instruments that will support this and of course help scare the monster away!They will also be focusing on Health and Hygiene and will be using the dolls in the water play so they can role-play this with the dolls, using nappies and wipes which will support their discussion about toileting needs. As part of this we will also be doing a fun hand washing activity.Not only do we have a lot of teaching in our activities set for this week, we also have a lot of fun happening, exploring pine cones, putting together our very own pumpkin patch with the children and learning about how we get pumpkins. So lots of fun happening this week. 🎃👻💧👶🤚

Pre-school will also be celebrating Halloween with the children and exploring through lots of sensory and investigation activities.They will be doing this by making their own pumpkin silly soup, exploring our outdoor pumpkin patch and talking about the different variety of pumpkins that we picked when on our trip to the pumpkin farm. We will be also be using our fine and gross motor skills to carve our very own pumpkins.Pre-school will also be talking about our ‘kind hands’ and supporting the children in boosting their confidence.🤚🎃👻🌟We can’t wait to show you the fun that the children get up to this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

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