Busy Bears News, August 2021

This week in our Baby room, we will be teaching the children all about construction. We will encourage the children to explore the activities by using different types of vehicles in all different areas.

The children will be able to explore different types of vehicles, from cars to trucks and enjoy exploring these in the tuff tray, in the sand and water and around the environment inside and outside.

This is a great activity to support new language and would love your help to support these new words at home by naming objects and using repetitive language.

This week in Pre-school we will be greeting our new friends who will be joining us at Busy Bears from September, we also have some children transitioning from the Tweenie room. Alongside new friends we will also be looking at our similarities and differences that make us unique, talking about our eye colour, hair colour and if it is long or short. Which open the opportunities to introduce maths and literacy into our day-to-day learning.

The children will have the opportunity to investigate mirrors and draw themselves and display their portrait in a positive way. This will enable our children to feel a part of our Busy Bears Family and be comfortable in their new surroundings.

Nurture, Develop, Grow.