Weekly Learning Activities 1/11/21

In buttercups we are exploring colour in a variety of different ways this week.

We have sensory play, glittery playdough, painting activities and mark making with chunky chalks in our creative room! We will be using our gross motor skills as we move our bodies to our wriggle and rhyme music. The children love dancing and this is incorporated into our daily routine, the children are quite the little movers! We will be exploring lights and colours in our sensory room, this is one of our favourite places to be in the nursery, with so many things to explore!

In tulips our core book this week, on children’s suggestion is Animal boogie!

This book is a firm favourite with our toddlers. We will be moving like the animals and making the animal sounds. We will be playing with the animals in our tuff tray as we discuss where the animals live and creating different habitats for them, these activities encourage open communication, imagination and opportunities to add new words to the children’s ever expanding vocabulary! As it is bonfire week, in our creative room we have mark making in our tuff tray with coloured sand and chalks to create large scale fireworks, this encourages the use of our large arm muscles 💪🏼 we have bonfire building in our sand and loads of sparkles in our water!! We will be using our cutting and sticking skills to make our own fireworks too! As well as these fantastic firework activities we have a slithery snake paining task, where we pull pained string along our paper like a snake and discover what patterns we can make, and we will be getting our feet in paint as we stomp like elephants across paper on the floor to make our own animal tracks! We are also celebrating Diwali this week as we explore light and colour!

In Poppies the children’s choice of core book is Goldilocks and the three bears 👧🐻🐻🐻

We’ll be discussing sizes as we make bowls of porridge in our tuff tray. We’ll be experimenting textures as we make our porridge, what will happen if we add lots of water? What will happen if we only add a little bit? We will also be making porridge for us to try. We will be getting our design brains working as we design our own bedding for the three bears beds, I wonder what patterns we can make? What will we use to create our patterns? We can’t wait to see the end results! We will be practicing our mark making skills as we create our own fireworks too, we are using pencils to master our writing grip and we’ll discuss all the different sounds we think the fireworks will make. Will they whizz? Fizz? Squeal? Bang? 💥As we celebrate Diwali we are going to create our own candle holders using salt dough and decorations. We will have conversations about Diwali and discovering about the celebration using a variety of media’s such as using it equipment, watching videos and reading stories and books. Well we cannot wait to see all the fun and learning that will be taking place this week! Look out for updates on your child’s tapestry account!

Nurture, Develop, Grow.