Remembrance Day

We hope you all have had a lovely weekend as well as a special day yesterday for Remembrance Day #lestweforget2021❤️

Our Pre-school children have made a beautiful poppy to give to the local army Barracks, to celebrate this special occasion and show our respect 🎖❤️🪖

Babies have lots of sensory activities based on Remembrance Day.

Our tuff tray is filled with black rice and red tissue paper with a variety of utensils to encourage hand to eye coordination and exploration skills. We will be mark making on paper plates, using our hands to feel and spread the paint we will create some poppies to display. Together we will be sharing our “That’s not my” books. These are a firm favourite with our little ones as they discover the different textures on each page. The repetitive language in these stories encourages language and communication. We will also be wrapping up warm and enjoying some fresh air as we go out for some lovely walks in our local community.

Tweenies this week will be focusing on the colour red, as it is remembrance week.

Red will be incorporated into lots of our activities including: Our Play dough – used alongside a variety of cutters and black beans to create poppies whilst promoting our fine motor skills. Our tuff tray – a variety of collage materials have been provided to create the opportunity to make a large poppy using tweezers to promote our pincer grip and build muscles in our hands and fingers. Our creative area – we will be using red paint to make paper plate and cupcake liner poppies and together we will be making hand print poppies to create a wreath. Alongside all these wonderful remembrance activities we have set up a building site in our sand, following the children’s interests. In this area we will be introducing new words to the children’s vocabulary such as, dig, tip, pour, scrape, shovel etc.

Preschool this week will be talking about our veteran Hero’s and how they help us, whilst we carry out our remembrance activities.

We will be creating a poppy wreath together with everyone to give to our local army barracks. We are going to create large scale poppies in our tuff tray, working together to problem solve and exploring a variety of textures and smells. We will also have flour in our tuff tray to mark make in and see if we can draw the peace dove in there. We will be making red and black play dough to encourage our maths skills as we measure out the ingredients, our communication skills as we discuss the recipe and instructions and our fine motor skills as we use a variety of tools to create poppies. Alongside remembrance activities we will be discussing and exploring where we live, and the kind of activities and celebrations we do with our families. This helps the children to understand and recognize that we are all different and unique. We will be encouraging the children to treat each other with respect and kindness and discussing ways we can help each other, helping them to understand the importance of being kind and respectful of every individual. Keep your eyes peeled for our ongoing learning throughout the week!!

Nurture, Develop, Grow.