Weekly Learning

Halloween is done and we welcome November with open arms… just not the weather!

We have so many exciting things happening over the coming months but this week we are starting off with our November fun. 💥🔥

Babies this week will be doing lots of activities around fireworks, we have our tuff tray filled with tissue paper, glitter and wooden materials where we can create our own fireworks or bonfire. We will be looking at make marking and using the paintbrushes and sticks and even leaves to make marks.

We will also be looking at colours and using colours like orange and red’s. We will be making our firework pictures too using paint and our bodies. We will also be using our sensory room. 💥🔥💥🔥🦖🦕🥚🧊

Tweenies this week will be focusing on learning their primary colours and slowly beginning to integrate simple shapes. The children really enjoyed frozen dinosaur eggs so this week we will be doing this activity again but will be coloured with different colours from the rainbow. They loved the sensory experience and focused really hard on setting the dinosaurs free, so what better way to learn our colours then extending an activity the children already love!

Tweenies will also be exploring the events that are happening around the world, and will be getting involved in firework pictures by doing a fun scientific experiment.. watch out for this! Not only this but we have play-dough, tuff tray firework/bonfire fun. Later on in the week we will also be using loose parts to make Rangoli art for Diwali. 💥🔥🦖🦕🥚🧊💥🔥

Pre-school will be exploring two celebrations this week which also includes a new culture. We will be looking at the celebration of Diwali and our activities will include designing henna patterns, Rangoli patterns and Diva’s. We are very much looking forward to this and learning about this culture.

Pre-school will also be doing lots of activities around Fireworks and Bonfire night, talking about safety, making firework pictures and also bonfire pictures. Not only this but we have lots of Bonfire night treats that we will be doing with the children including toffee or chocolate apples! We can’t wait for this! 💥🔥Watch out throughout the the week all the exciting things we get up to this week!🤩

Nurture, Develop, Grow.