Stay and play sessions

When looking for childcare we believe it is important that you get a feel for the nursery before signing up, therefore we offer free stay and play sessions to give you a flavour of how we run. This gives you the opportunity to meet the staff team, participate in some of our activities with your child and see how your child integrates into the nursery environment.

Settling in sessions

Once you have decided that we are the right nursery for you we offer free settling in sessions for your child around two weeks prior to their start date. These sessions provide the opportunity for your child to build relationships with their key person and the children in their room. We work very closely with yourself and your child and will offer as many settling in sessions as we deem necessary to make it a smooth transition process. At these settling in sessions we can gather lots of information about your child’s likes and dislikes and provide activities for them to enjoy planned around their interests.


Tapestry is an online tracking and observation system that we use to monitor your child’s progress and development. We upload observations and activities that your child has enjoyed and link them to our curriculum to track progress in all areas of their learning. Parents can have direct access to their child’s account, and you can view your child’s learning journey as well as add your own pictures and observations from home, thus providing a holistic view of your child’s achievements. For our younger children we also have daily diaries that we upload onto tapestry so you can see how your child’s day has been at a glance, although the staff team will also give you a detailed verbal handover the end of each day.

Extra-curricular activities

We provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities at no extra cost to you! We believe that providing a variety of learning opportunities enhances children’s development, giving great opportunities to access different experiences. Football lessons, drama classes, music and movement sessions, soft play, beach school and forest school. We also offer swimming lessons for our pre school children, which does have a small additional cost. The nursery has a mini bus, so we are able to go on regular outings to enhance our learning and make links with our local community. The babies have regular walks exploring our local area and attending the local farmers market, they also love to visit our local sensory room on a weekly basis.

Outdoor play

At Summerfield Day Nursery we know that all areas of learning and development can be enjoyed and fostered through effective outdoor play. It promotes learning in a different way than indoor play and the government guidelines suggest that young children should have 3 hours of physical exercise a day. Therefore, we ensure that our outdoor spaces provide the right environments for the children to flourish in and enjoy. We have direct access to outdoor spaces from all three of our rooms and we encourage free flow play throughout each nursery session. We have appropriate clothing for all weathers and sheltered areas so the children’s access to outdoor play is not restricted. Having the opportunity to move around in large open spaces is vital for children’s development of their gross motor skills, and our outdoor spaces are perfect for providing those opportunities. Thought has been given into the special nature of the outdoors and we have given consideration to keeping our outdoor play spaces a natural haven for the children to explore, with vegetable planting areas, fairy gardens, mud kitchens, fish, water areas and much more. We have huts and sheds to make dens in and ample opportunities to climb, jump, balance, crawl, ride bikes and run around freely. They have free access to the outdoor space to be their natural, exuberant, physical and noisy selves. They get daily contact with natural and living things to maintain their curiosity and fascination with the natural world. Our outdoor environments feed information into all their senses at the same time, and it is clear to see how much the children love to play and learn in the outdoors.

Healthy eating

We encourage healthy eating here at Summerfield Day Nursery and we carefully plan and cook our meals to ensure that all the children are getting a healthy well-balanced diet. Fruit and water are available throughout the day and nutritionally balanced meals are provided. We adhere to your individual dietary requirements and all staff have allergen training so we can confidently provide food for all children with allergies. We support families through all stages of weaning and are on hand to offer help and advice for those ‘fussy’ eaters. The meal times are relaxed and provide many learning opportunities for children of all ages and stages. We encourage children to try a variety of foods from various cultures and are fully inclusive of individual needs. Children are also encouraged to take an active role in baking and cooking activities, giving them an understanding of the food we are eating and providing fantastic learning opportunities. Menu’s are planned seasonally and are on a three-week rota so there is always a large variety of foods on offer.

Funded places

We offer funded places for 2,3 and 4 year olds. We offer 15 and 30 hours funded places. 30 hours funding can be spread across each term if you require a full-time space and we also offer term time places. Our sessions are very flexible to suit each individual family and we pride ourselves on this. Unlike many other settings, we do not charge any additional costs for meals snacks or extracurricular activities. Our funded places are free! You have the option to add hours onto your funded hours at an hourly rate if you wish to do more than your allocated funded hours.


With the nursery being set by the seaside it enables us to have access to many beautiful and natural locations. We have regular weekly outings to enhance the children’s learning and development. We carry out forest and beach school sessions, go to a local residential home and regularly take part in local activities and events. We use our minibus as well as walking to places in our local community such as the park, the library, the farmers market and local shops. We partake in monthly workshops with the church that is located across the road from us, and often support local businesses such as local restaurants and cafes by visiting these places with the children.