Healthy Body, Healthy Me

A healthy, well-balanced diet and physical activities are essential for children’s health and well-being. 

We offer a nutritional menu to support the maintenance of a well- balanced diet for our children. All of our meals are carefully planned and cooked to ensure that the nutritional recommendations from the government are met for all ages. 

Take a look at our Summer Menu & Winter Menu

We take meal times as a great learning opportunity for children of all ages and stages as well as a great time for them to socialise with their fellow peers.

We recently introduced Meat Free Mondays to our setting. By changing what we eat just one day a week, this can make a difference now and for our children’s future. It is a concept that main aim is to reduce the amount of animal products that we consume.  

We adhere to all children’s dietary requirements by providing delicious, healthy alternatives. 

Our high standard of hygiene and cleanliness reflects on our 5 star food hygiene rating.